Screaming Pucker


Screaming Pucker (Screaming OG x Lemon G)

  • Brand : Cannarado Genetics
  • Sex : Feminized
  • 10 seeds per pack

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Screamin Pucker

Screamin Pucker burns remarkably smooth, and as I had mentioned before, proudly brandishes the flavour of sweet mint in a brilliant combination that simply screams “good weed!” If you’re a new smoker and have been investigating a bunch of cheesy or spicy strains, and are looking for a way back to your cannabis roots, I reiterate, this is what marijuana should taste like in my book. After a pause to savour the flavour, the outrageous THC content kicked in. The effects are that of some sativa for me, resulting in a very lucid cerebral high. After a good amount of time sitting and contemplating a variety of no doubt meaningless wee-induced ideas, Screamin Pucker did show a little of its Indica side to me as well, which for me incarnated in the form of an insatiable lust for sharp cheddar cheese. After raiding the fridge for leftover mac n’ cheese, I settled back down and enjoyed some stoned video game time – which I might add was perfect with this strain. While I’ve had sativa-dominants that have left me with more “get up and go” willpower, I will say that Screamin Pucker most certainly didn’t put me to sleep. The high was cognitive but provided a very minor body high, which was just a pleasant addition to the overall experience.

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