January 4, 2016

Grow Room Requirements

Marijuana Grow Room Requirements

So you want to grow your own weed. Good for you! Growing your own is an excellent way to control the quality, amount and type of marijuana.

Setting up a grow can be daunting, right? The good news is that you can start as low-key as you want. You don’t need to spring for the most expensive lights or nutrients right away. Start simply and build up from there. Here are our three top tips for growing marijuana as easy, cheap and fast as possible.

Grow Room for Medical Marijuana

1. Buy the best lamps you can afford.

But stay within your budget – no need to break the bank. Whatever budget you’re working with, though, devote a substantial part of it to lighting. It’s better to have good lighting and forego some of the fancier equipment than the other way around. What kind of lights you need to grow marijuana is not easy to answer. There are many different types of lamps, each with pros and cons. Of course, if your climate allows it, just grow outdoors! The sun is free and a natural source of excellent light for marijuana plants. There’s nothing like harvesting sun-ripened, resin-drenched buds you grew yourself.

2. Don’t buy ridiculously overpriced “designer” seeds.

Price is not a good indicator of quality. That is not to say that expensive seeds aren’t generally excellent quality, but cheaper ones may work just as well. Some of the more affordable strains out there are actually among the best! Don’t be fooled into believing that the more you spend, the better your marijuana will be. This is simply not true, and if you are a beginner, it’s much better to get a few grows under your belt before you spend your money on anything more expensive.

When you buy cannabis seeds, make sure that the strain is actually right for you. Different varieties of marijuana have different effects. To find out which strain will work for you, try visiting indpependend forums or asking around among other growers.

3. Be patient, grasshopper.

Of course you want your grow to be finished yesterday. But rushing it along will seriously affect the quality of your plants, or even destroy your crop. Don’t harvest too early, don’t hurry through the curing process. Be patient for the seedlings to emerge (it may take up to a week!), take your time to nurse your plants through any nutrient deficits, and take care when you train or top them. Proper cannabis needs to be cured after harvest for the full effect and flavor to emerge.

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