Aliens, Native Americans, Pot & Mental Health

What the hell do aliens have to do with pot, Native Americans and mental health? Quite a bit, actually! 

Many tribes across the Americas have legends of aliens, or Star People, bringing cannabis to this planet. The Cherokee say that the Star People came from a planet with the same name as the Cherokee word for pot, gatunlati. There are also thousands of stories of Natives being visited by Star People, not only in the past but on a continual basis. 

I was taught that the Star People also gave us an expansive system for emotional development thousands of years ago to help people on Earth find happiness and emotional maturity. I began learning this thorough and complete system in 1986 from medicine men and women in the United States, Canada, Australia and Hawaii. I have called this system Native Strength, and it offers medicine wheels for managing bullies, motivation, success, empowerment, breaking bad habits, making your dreams come true, predicting where anyone’s focus will be at any given time in their life and much more. Medicine wheels are used to share knowledge, similar to the way the aliens in the movie Arrival communicated.  

I have written several books on Native Strength, and there will be much more to follow. 

Native Strength – The First Step on the Path to an Indomitable Life was published in August of 2016 and is the first book in the series. It focuses on the first two most important teachings—the Flowering Tree and the Wheel of Life. 

The Flowering Tree teaches us that we each have a little boy, a little girl, an adult man and woman, as well as two wise elders inside of us. They each have a purpose, and they also have needs. By communicating with them, we are able to be successful in life and satisfy our personal needs. We are able to find balance. 

The wise elders are the only parts of our self that are able to communicate with the Great Spirit. The Hawaiians say that this is done by silencing the adults and allowing the children to talk to the elders who in turn receive direct communication from the Creator. Our daily chores and stresses must be temporarily forgotten.

Historically, this has been achieved with the help of cannabis. 

There are many exercises, specific questions, that are addressed with the use of cannabis that are designed to help one discover underlying issues and problems before they become major disturbances. These are included in my books. The way we treat ourselves sets the stage for how we will treat others in life.

The Wheel of Life is such an important medicine wheel that I published Stories Around the Wheel of Life to further explain this primary lesson. This book is a collection of 32 short stories that gives examples of how positive and negative choices can be made in any of the eight directions on the wheel. 

I know it probably seems complicated now, but life and nature are cyclical. Learning with medicine wheels is natural. The book can help you see how these lessons apply in our daily lives. We may think we are making a positive choice, only to discover in the future that it was very negative. It is my hope that this book will help people to avoid regret and see their options in a new light.

Star People, Skin Walkers, and Raven Mockers further explores the alien connection to Native Americans. The book describes Carl Sagan’s Arecibo message sent into space in 1974 and the crop formation found near the Chilbolton Observatory in England years later that appears to be a response with identical formatting. I also explore a few other important crop circle messages. 

In the book, I reveal Native American legends of Star People and rock art that corresponds to images produced with sound waves, as well as how objects can be levitated with sound in laboratories. There is a chapter on quantum physics and what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance” and how it could be related to telepathy. The purpose of this book is to explain how Star People are concerned over our nuclear capabilities and our emotional immaturity, illustrating the implicit need for our evolution into a more advanced species. 

We have the tools and the ability, we simply need to apply ourselves.

The Circles of Life is a guide to our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual development from birth to death. It is this teaching, used with the Wheel of Life, that gives us a view of our primary and secondary concerns at any given age. This book encompasses what happens after death and prior to life. 

Dr. Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia studied over 2,500 children with memories of past lives before concluding that reincarnation is real. Traditional Native Americans, along with many other cultures, also believe in reincarnation. It is on the other side, after death and prior to rebirth, that we make plans for our next life based on the evolutionary needs of the soul. This book includes exercises for communicating with our loved ones on the other side and remembering the plans our soul made for the life we are currently living.

Our contemporary mental health care system is based on the work of Sigmund Freud, a cocaine addict who dismissed women’s sexual abuses as mere “hysterics.” It is less than 300 years old. His system relies heavily on talk therapy, which re-traumatizes victims by revisiting the past with very few tools for adaptation to emotionally significant events and little focus on preparation for the future. 

No wonder so many people are dissatisfied with its results, and we see evidence of its failures in the form of deadly violence on the news almost daily.

Native Americans have always used teaching plants, and the Native Strength path has two forks that arrive at the same spot—a life of happiness and harmony. One involves the teaching plants, the other does not.

Cannabis is by far the most versatile and useful of the teaching plants. It is much more successful and comes with far fewer side effects than contemporary pharmaceuticals. The drugs prescribed for depression can cause suicidal thoughts and tendencies. That is beyond counter-intuitive! Psychiatric medications almost always put users in a fog, in which they are not thinking clearly and will tolerate situations they might not otherwise endure.  Cannabis takes effect immediately, has no negative side effects and has been proven to be helpful with a host of symptoms. 

Pharmaceuticals take two weeks to take effect, and if one does not like the results, it will take another two weeks for them to wear off. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis provides immediate relief and wears off in a matter of hours at the most. These are things my ancestors (I am a registered member of the Cherokee tribe) knew centuries ago. 

After all, that is one of the reasons why the Star People gave cannabis to us in the first place! 

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